acroDogics by 4-Paws Canine Academy

Facebook LIVE Sessions

1st LIVE Session (5th April 2020)

  • Roll into blanket
  • Drumming with paws
  • Why and when to use verbal cues vs body language/signals
  • How many times should you train a week
  • Warm up before training tricks
  • When to use toys versus treats

2nd LIVE Session (12th April 2020)

  • Special treats vs dog’s own food
  • Own food in home, more special when distracting environment
  • Starting new tricks inside vs outside
  • Doing easy/known tricks before and after new and difficult ones to boost confidence
  • Front legs on ground, hind paws on handlers body (back-up against owner)
  • Sit pretty with both paws covering nose
  • Training tricks with dog having its back turned towards owner
  • Walking in big circle around handler, distance handling
  • Phasing out targets or hands in crossing paws trick
  • Back-up against vertical structures
  • Another trick for focus

3rd LIVE Session (19th April 2020)

  • Exercises for stretch/warm-up/flexibility
  • Holding paws in position for longer
  • Getting comfortable with vertical slippery surfaces
  • Doing the canine elephant more than once
  • Becoming independent in the canine elephant
  • Building muscles in the side and in the back of the dog

4th LIVE Session (26th April 2020)

  • How to further develop some of the tricks
  • How to teach dog to wipe its paws
  • Different tricks to get your dog into position to do double backwards slalom
  • Teach dog to go around an object while owner walks opposite way around
  • Tips on succeeding with behind
  • Teaching your dog to sneak
  • Teach your dog to walk sideways either in front of you or next to you
  • Skipping
  • Jumping over skip ropes