acroDogics by 4-Paws Canine Academy

Have dog training at your fingertips anywhere

Now you can train with your dog absolutely anywhere and still be able to find inspiration for your training as well as advice, tips, and tricks to help you along!

With our brand new online dog training platform – acroDogics – you will never have to feel stuck and confused when training with your dog ”in the field”.
acroDogics gives you the opportunity to watch training videos anywhere!

Games-based Dog Training

Learning through playing ensures a stronger encoding of new information into memory. By playing with your dog, your dog will learn faster and remember everything better! You will also create a much stronger bond with your dog by using these methods.

Follow The Steps of The Demo Dog

You will learn by watching videos where a demo dog will demonstrate each step that you will need to take to succeed with your own dog. Some videos will show the whole learning process for the demo dog as it won't have seen certain exercises before, while other videos will show an experienced dog demonstrating each step.

Reach your goals with video feedback

As a premium feature you will also be able to receive feedback on your training. You will either be asked to record your training on video for us to provide comments on, or you can receive a Skype video call where you will be able to get immediate feedback.

Our Most Popular Courses

Have a look at our most popular online dog training courses here below

Online dog parkour course

Dog Parkour Online

Boost your dog's confidence and strengthen your relationship by interacting with your nearby environment in a fun and positive way TOGETHER!

Mini kursus
Gå pænt i snor billede. Hund går pænt i snor

Gå pænt i snor – Mini kursus

For blot 4 kopper varm kakao eller caffé lattes hos Starbucks, eller 3 gode pizzaer, så kan du nu få en hund, som ikke længere trækker i snoren! Dette mini kursus vil give dig en super god start til at lære din hund at gå pænt i snor. Det at gå pænt i snor, det er nemlig ikke noget, som hunden lærer af sig selv – men bare rolig! Vores nye mini kursus viser dig, hvordan du kommer godt igang og kommer ét skridt tættere på at kunne gå en behagelig tur med din hund, uden at den trækker.

What you will gain from our online dog training courses

Training your dog with us is not like any other place. We want to make sure that the training is always fun for both you and your dog. We have therefore designed each step in our training with YOU in mind.

Anna Louise Kjaer - Founder and Instructor

When you start to spend more time with your dog and start overcoming challenges together, you will build a very special bond. Your dog will learn that all the fun things happen with you and will therefore start choosing you over the environment. Your dog will also come to trust you more because you help it succeed.

Many of our courses will contain fun exercises and tricks specifically designed to boost your dog’s confidence. Usually, this happens by encouraging your dog to interact with novel objects in a fun and safe manner. By trying new things and having fun doing so, your dog will also come to realise that the world is just a big playground and not a place to be scared of. 

It has been proven many times that people, and other animals including dogs, learn much faster if they are having fun at the same time. Our methods are therefore games-based and broken down into simple steps so that you will never have to feel overwhelmed or not good enough. Our training is guaranteed to make you have fun with your dog. We are in fact so sure about this, that if you have not had a single smile while training your dog with us, we will come up with a solution for you.

We pride ourselves on our mission to help you succeed! We have been through many struggles with our own dogs and we therefore know exactly how you are feeling when something doesn’t go as planned or when you finally reach that goal that you have been working towards for ages! We want to see you and your dog develop into an amazing team, and we will therefore be there for you every step of the way! We will help you learn from our many years of experience so that you won’t have to go through the same trial-and-error stages that we have. You will only get the methods that we KNOW will work!