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Your Dog Parkour Journey


dog parkour introductions - dog stands on bosu ball

Before you start your new awesome dog parkour journey, you should check of these 4 videos!


dog parkour foundations. dog has two paws on bosu ball

Your new journey truly starts here! Practice all of the foundational exercises and master this component of each game before moving on to the advanced games.

We have a total of 8 different categories of games! Enjoy!

The Different Environments

dog parkour environments. dog balances on teeter totter

Now that you have been having fun with your dog learning all of the foundational games in a fun and safe environment, you might feel ready to try out your new skills together! Check out these videos for inspiration on what to do in each environment.

Advanced Dog Parkour

advanced dog parkour. dog jumps through tyre

Once you’ve mastered the most basic skills in dog parkour, you can start to build on those. Learn how to make each game more challenging or more fun. Maybe you want to learn cool tricks or how to target specific muscles? Or is your dog ready to learn to be more independent now? Learn all of that and so much more with these super fun advanced games!

If you prefer a list overview, you can find that on the course info page.

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