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25 Day Online Dog Trick Challenge

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Are you ready to get practicing with some tricks? AWESOME! We cannot wait to see you on the inside and see just how far you and your dog will come!

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Customer Reviews

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25 Day Challenge

Although I have not finished the challenge yet Alfie Dog and I are having a great time!
Brilliant fun course, excellently taught using video instruction supported by teaching notes, lots of prompts to keep the trainer on track! I am thoroughly enjoying it.

So much fun!!

I loved the challenge, it was so much fun for me and my dog! He has so many 'tricks up his sleeve' that I can melt people's heart with and get all the ooohs and aaahs and I can show my family and friends and they can play his tricks with him too! It has been a great program and has helped me to figure out how to get him to do other things too, because it has taught me how his learning process works.
I was able to get him to do all the challenges but there are definitely those that we will be putting into practice as a daily. I also love the fact that I have access to unlimited tricks for the future, and the FB group is a great place to share and learn


I have not finished yet but love it

25 tricks

Although I haven’t finished them I am halfway through I haven’t posted in March. I have really enjoyed them so far I will finish them and I will post a video of where I’m up to with that thank you so much goodbye and the other course soon.

Great online course

I really enjoy the online help/courses from Anna Louise -- it is very down to earth and explains the tricks really well, even with her Scottish accent (joke)..