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25 Day Dog Tricks Challenge

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Training tricks with your dog is not only super fun, but it is also one of the BEST ways to mentally stimulate your dog, and it has been proven to be much more effective at making your dog tired than any physical exercise. Dog tricks are fun, cute, mentally stimulating and confidence boosting!

Tricks training also really strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Many of my students have experienced first hand how their super excited, and very easily distracted dog, suddenly started paying much more focus on them instead of their surroundings. Tricks training can teach your dog that all the fun happens with YOU – this means that it no longer has a reason to seek out other fun from other dogs, people, or squirrels as long as you are there and able to play tricks.

When taking up this challenge, you will also receive access to an exclusive Facebook group where you will receive EXTRA tips and support, and you can upload your own progress to receive further feedback to improve your tricks even more.

These tricks are also excellently suited for dog dancing, also known as Heelwork To Music and Canine Musical Freestyle. This challenge will give you a great foundation to start dog dancing if you should fall in love with tricks!

dog bow trick

This tricks challenge was made as a challenge during the UK Corona Virus Lock Down. The course is accessible no matter where you are in the world, and it has been designed in such a way that you can train all of these tricks inside. However, as soon as you get the chance, you should try to take them outside somewhere new to really proof your dog in all of its new super cool tricks!

When you first sign up you will immediately get access to a very important video about how to reward your dog properly. Your first trick will arrive the day after you sign up. This is to allow you time to stockpile on treats! (You might end up needing a lot 😉 ) One new trick will be released every day after this for at least 25 days.

What will you get from our online dog tricks course?

Frequently Answered Questions

How long will I have access?

How does for a LIFETIME sound? There is no need to stress through this course. You can take everything in your own time and really focus on getting success with your current trick before moving on. There is no time limit!

How does this tricks course work?

In our online dog tricks course you will receive a new trick each day for 25 days. Some days will build on tricks introduced on previous days, so it is expected that you try out the different tricks – but don’t stress! There is no time limit!

I’m new/advanced at tricks training. Will this course be suitable for me?

This dog tricks course has been designed to welcome any level. Every video will start by giving the beginner steps to the tricks and finish off with ideas on how to make it more advanced and more difficult. As you progress through the days, the tricks will also become gradually more and more advanced as they build on tricks from previous days. There is definitely something for everyone in this course!

As part of this course you will also receive access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can get additional help for either perfecting the beginner stage of a trick or advice on how to make it more advanced. If you find anything too easy or too difficult at any time, we will give you personal challenges to help you improve or progress even further! Simply upload your current stage as a video on our Facebook group or send it to us in an email. Additionally, you will even be able to request tricks that we might include as bonuses!

Welcome to the course!

Here are your dog tricks lessons! If you would prefer a progress overview, click here!